Council of Europe - Macedonian Chairmanship 2010

Project brief

The Council of Europe is an international organisation promoting cooperation between all countries in Europe. The council focuses on standardising legal, human rights and other democratic aspects across the region. After being member for 15 years, it was Macedonia’s turn to carry the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council. As part of the chairmanship Macedonia needed to organise an annual meeting to host the member countries. Due to our longstanding relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we were approached to provide branding, identity and digital presentation for the conference, all packaged in a secure environment. 


We took particular care in creating the solution for the Ministry, as the chairmanship is a very important milestone for our country, and it was the first impression that many visitors were going to have of Macedonia. We were tasked with creating the identity of the event, and translating it to the digital domain. The solution we developed enabled both pre-conference facilities (booking, Q&A, general info) as well as post conference engagement tools in the form of user-generated forums and user-to-user communication. 


  • Web Design
  • Logo and brand Identity
  • Design implementation
  • Development
  • CMS
  • Online reservation system
  • Creative direction

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